Is counter strike global offensive worth it

is counter strike global offensive worth it

CS: GO has been around for 5 years and consistently remains at or near the top of Steam for most players currently playing. That's not just amazing, that's almost. It is a game that you will always play or does it get boring fast? Also, what I think of myself as an eligible gamer to answer this question as I played over. I love watching all of the streams & VODs on this sub, I find the strategy involved compelling, but I am just not sure getting into the game this. Nicolai Reedtz on Twitter Not going to the major tomorrow but joining the team at saturday. At this point you should have a good understanding of the core mechanics. But CS titles are usually long lived i think you can get a good years out of this game until it starts to die down if not more. Submit a new text post. They know all the strategies and they can predict your movement with ease. is counter strike global offensive worth it

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You should then start to include some Valve Deathmatch so you can get used to fighting against other players in 1vX situations. Probably you sick of hearing the same question and answering them but I looked up on the Internet and still, I wasn't satisfied with what I found. The CZAuto Victoria has been updated with this feature. This does not mean you are a bad player. GO that they have with Dota 2 and make the game what it SHOULD be. Does anyone know when will it be on sale next probably? This game does to have ADS and requires precise aiming.

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Is It Worth A Buy? "Counter-Strike Global Offensive" But that's part of the fun, developing an understanding of the maps and strategies and getting competent. Been ranking up to gold Nova master and is pretty pleased with myself. All in all, I'd suggest picking it up because it's relatively cheap and quite fun. That way no more money will be spent. We have added support for normal maps on Custom Paint Job, Patina, and Gunsmith finish styles. GO different from the others and worth buying? That said if I play 5 games in a ios top 10 apps, probably only one person on my team is going to be super toxic. If you're not entirely sure, it sometimes goes as low as three bucks during a steam sale, so you can pick it up. This is the best time in years to get into CS: Even back in the day, that map was so rare to find in a rotation. The great thing with CS though is that there are dedicated servers run by players themselves. Please email inquiries quora. This is especially a problem for high ranks. This is going to be my first CS game and the only other shooters I've played are Black Ops II and TF2. Remove Kebab View Profile View Posts. Pipi Kampfstrumpf View Profile View Posts. This does not mean you are a bad player.

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