Playstation account hacked

playstation account hacked

PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita owners should follow these steps to regain access to their accounts and get any stolen money back. This is my second account and my main account has been hacked the sign in id and password has been changed please help. READ THE DESCRIPTION!!! Ok most people watching this will be friends but for those looking at what to do if. playstation account hacked If these values are already set up, consider changing them. You may be wondering if situations like this have been an issue in the past. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. While getting your PSN account back is relatively straightforward, obtaining a refund is a bit trickier. I stopped playing my PS4 for a few months because I was too busy. Is that a double negative? I don't know how they guessed my password, it was athlitika crazy. I figured with a new password I'd be fine. I buy the gift cards on Amazon or at a store and just put funds in my wallet. PlayStation Store und Transaktionen: My password was not changed nor was anything purchased.

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SOMEONE TRIED HACKING INTO MY PSN ACCOUNT! *LIVE REACTION* (PS4 Account Hacked) In my case, I woke up to four different email notifications, three of which were for PlayStation Wallet purchases, and a fourth to inform me that my PlayStation account email address had been changed. We love Sony and their products! I'm very disappointed with that fact and I feel they protect the intentions of the hacker by doing so. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. Sony suggests making a note of your PlayStation serial numbers before calling, and asks that you have access to your PS4, PS3 or PlayStation Vita. A great story of a young boy and a lost creature is the base for the highly anticipated The Last Guardian out in If the hackers have made any Wallet or game purchases that you wish to dispute, the PlayStation support agent will ask for the serial numbers from all your devices, which will then be passed to the security team to investigate. My pns account was also deactivated off my PS4 this morning after it being fine last night. Automatisches Aufladen deines Guthabens Wenn du einen Service abonnierst, informieren wir dich darüber, dass die Funktion "Guthaben automatisch aufladen, um Abonnements zu verlängern oder vorbestellte Inhalte zu bezahlen" aktiviert wurde. I called Sony and they had me change my password and deactivate my account. From what I can confirm, this person only downloaded 2 seasons of powers the TV show.

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